Winter Home 2020

Changes coming to AULP in spring 2020

After meeting in January to determine future of our “en plein air” painting group. Susan Dolamore sent out the following update. For the group to continue we need to have volunteers to step in to handle the many tasks that keep this organization running. Please review Susan’s update of the meeting and consider volunteering a little time. Thank you!

“Big Changes for AULP
Hi AULP members,

Thank you to the many who showed up for our planning meeting or sent emails with gratitude, suggestions, offers of support and encouragement. It looks like we have a new plan going forward. We still need volunteers to take on little pieces of this. …

AULP becomes Asheville Plein Air Painters!

The name of the group will be changed to Asheville Plein Air Painters

Members will be organizing the weekly events according to the sign up sheet. Events schedule begins with April. There are still months completely unaccounted for. Some months may have more than one organizer. When this is the case, those that signed up will coordinate with each other as to dates. As of now, the events will be planned for Thursday mornings and may be casual paint outs or may also include demonstrations. That is up to the planner. A yearly meeting at the end of January will function as a planning session for the year ahead.

Once an event is planned, the organizer/member will send the information to our newsletter and website coordinators. The organizer is also advised to post on our Facebook group or ask another member to do so if they are not on Facebook.

Please consider signing up to help out with at least one paint out during the year. You may send your month of choice or even week to me for now. I will be compiling the information. If you sign up as a host, you will soon be hearing from me with guidelines and a “template for event details” that will help you host a successful event. I will also send you additional contact information for other group members that will be working with you and can offer contact information for a location that we have previously visited if requested.

April: Coleen Hester & Bernie Wolf

May: Host Needed!

June: James Cassara (1st 2 weeks only)

June 3rd and 4th weeks: Host Needed!

July: Kathleen Forrest, Sandy Moore
August: Candace Neff
September: Kimberlee Kepper and Marty Scull
October: Cindy Shaw, Lynn Starun

November: James Cassara, Kathleen Forrest, +

figure sessions by Lee Casey and Colleen Gilgenbach
(Sketch event organizers still needed)
January 2021:
figure sessions by Lee Casey and Colleen
(Sketch event organizers still needed)
February 2021:
figure sessions by Lee Casey and Colleen
(Sketch event organizers still needed)
March 2021:
figure sessions by Lee Casey and Colleen
(Sketch event organizers still needed)

The newsletter will be created and sent by Patricia Veatch
The website will be managed by Rosemarie Robuck:
The Facebook group will continue to be a place for the group members to share work, plan spontaneous excursions, post resources of value to the group, etc. Please keep your posts relative to our group activities.

Thank you all for the last FIVE years of great fun! I look forward to being just another member when April comes around!

Happy Painting,
Sue Dolamore
Copyright © 2020 Sue Dolamore, All rights reserved.
You requested addition to our group either through our website, facebook, email or at an event.”

 The Asheville Plein Air Painters brings professional and emerging artists together to paint “en plein air.” We meet every Thursday in locations around Buncombe County.

We are beginning  our 2019/2020 Winter Season of Painting sessions in which you will be given many opportunities to improve skills, stretch a bit, get to know other members better and prepare for a new outdoor season next Spring. During the winter months, when the weather is unpredictable, we schedule mostly indoor events. Each Thursday of the month has a different focus & that one fifth Thursday in the winter is going to be devoted to an artist’s swap meet!

Following is a list of what each Thursday in the month should bring (but do check Calendar for places & programs as they may vary!) Final note there will be no gatherings on Thanksgiving and the week of Christmas.:

1st Thursday – An Inside/Out Venue

The third Thursday gets us back out painting in locations that have indoor options in case of cold, but may also have suitable outdoor areas when it is favorable. Our favorite place is the Farmers Market sheds which are both colorful, interest & warm. Also, if the day is nice, the outside areas have lots of interesting painting opportunities. Watch Calendar for where we’ll be on the 3rd Thursday of the month.

2nd Thursday – Painting the Clothed Model

Painting the clothed model sessions will be held at the Murphy Oakley Center. They start at 10 am and go to 12:30pm. Hosted by Lee Casey, these sessions offer the chance to practice sketching and painting a live model. The charge for model fee is $7. No turps are allowed as many people are sensitive to them.

3rd Thursday – Sketch Crawl

A sketch crawl is a series of sketches in different locations, meeting in cafe’s and public spaces to sketch, usually moving (about every 30 minutes) through several spots in a 3 hour period. These will be warm indoor locations that will work even on cold rainy or snowy days.  Of course you are free to set your own pace and alter order of locations an even locations and still join us at the end to share what you accomplished during your crawl. Check Calendar for each month’s starting location.

4th Thursday – Talk About ….

On the fourth Thursday, we are back at the Oakley Rec center for skill sharing and challenges. Many things can happen on these days including informal critiques, open studio, mini-workshops, demonstrations, etc. Our focus will vary, so check the Calendar to see what the months topic will be.

5th Thursday (January 30th) – Art Swap Meet

On the one fifth Thursday that occurs this winter, we will have our annual swap, sell or giveaway event for de-cluttering your art stash, materials, books, etc. Bring any art supplies that you don’t want, need, was a mistake buying or you have moved away from. You can also swap your art work. Have fun exchanging “stuff” and sharing ideas.