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June, 20 Thursday, Beaver Lake
North Merrimon Ave

Our next paint out is this Thursday, June 20th, at Beaver Lake in North Asheville. There are several places to paint but I suggest you park at The Bird Sanctuary next to the North Asheville Library and take the short walk. That will put you closest to the wildflowers. If you prefer to paint the boats you can park on East Avon Parkway and cross Merrimon to the Boat House. Just be careful as there is not a crosswalk there.

Since this is a privately owned lake, and we are painting there with their kind permission, I’d like to “pass the hat” for their donation box, which helps cover a small portion of their maintenance. Please kick in a buck or two if you can!

We’ll begin at 9:30 (feel free to arrive earlier if you wish) and gather to share about noon at a spot we’ll decide upon when we get there. The day looks to be very warm, so I strongly suggest you bring an umbrella, folding chair, and something cool to drink. We’re entering the warmest times of our season so please prepare accordingly.


Following is partial Listing for the coming season.

These are the dates that are more or less confirmed. James is waiting on a few inquiries and, as he did last year, leaving some dates open in the event of rain outs. We’re also visiting a few favorite spots more than once.

June, 20 Beaver Lake on North Merrimon Ave
July, 2 (Tuesday) Blue Ridge Daylilies
July, 11 (Thursday) Biltmore Lake
July, 16 (Tuesday) Bent Creek Park
July, 25 (Thursday) “To be determined”
August, 3 (Saturday) Bailey Mtn
August, 6 (Tuesday) UNCA Botanical Gardens
August, 15 (Thursday) Charles D. Owen Park
August, 20 (Tuesday) Downtown Weaverville Park
August, 29 (Thursday) Lake Julian
September, 3 (Tuesday) June Bug Retro
September, 12 (Thursday) “To be determined”
September, 17 (Tuesday) River Arts District (Jean Webb Park)
September, 26 (Thursday) Downtown Asheville (Pack Square)
October, 5 (Saturday) “To be determined”
October, 8 (Tuesday) Reems Creek Nursery
October, 17 (Thursday) Pinebrook Farms in Weaverville
October, 22 (Tuesday) “To be determined”
October, 31 (Thursday) “To be determined”
November, 7 (Thursday) “To be determined”
November, 12 (Tuesday) “To be determined”
November, 23 (Saturday) “To be determined”


Check the Calendar for next Paint-out!

If you are on the mailing list, you will also receive a weekly email. If not contact James at: and he’ll happy add you to the list!