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Asheville Urban Landscape Project

Jim Carson at Montford Park October 20, 2015

The Asheville Plein Air Painters meet every Tuesday in locations in the Asheville area. Our featured artists presentations will be held once a month from April 10th – October 9th. The Featured artist will share their approach and philosophy and give a brief demonstration of their painting technique. Each artist then chooses their own spot nearby to paint. The group comes back together after a few hours to talk and show one another their paintings. Artists who attend the demo are responsible for their own transportation and for bringing their own supplies. Funded by the Asheville Area Arts Council from 2014 – 2016, the Asheville Plein Air Painters are now a self funded group, relying on donations from participants.

Asheville Urban Landscape Project

Virginia Pendergrass gives a demonstration of Urban Sketching in Pack Square October 15, 2015

“I so appreciate the inclusive nature of APAP. There is no requirement for studio space/location or resume. The financial investment is minimal and the community of artist is open and accepting while still encouraging and challenging. It has broadened my experience of the art community and given me a more open experience of the community at large.” B Adams

“APAP is supportive in exploring places in Asheville and techniques that I wouldn’t go to or try without it.” K Childs

“As a featured artist, it has been a wonderful opportunity to connect with the community and other fellow artists and create a momentum of enthusiasm for plein air. It’s a wonderful thing for tourists to see active artists in and around town as an example of Asheville as an arts destination….” C. Webster (featured artist 2014)

Asheville Urban Landscape Project

Richard Oversmith gives a painting demonstration at the YMCA Blue Ridge Assembly in Black Mountain September 8, 2015

APAP creates opportunity for skill sharing and networking that can lead to economic gain. Featured artists contribute to the goal of mastery of our art form. We interact with the community on a weekly basis, sharing the love of our area and art. Networking and communications with artists, citizens, local media and leaders to encourages others to enjoy plein air. We paint the town, finding subject matter in a wide variety of venues from urban streets to parks and gardens, invoking appreciation for our beautiful and vibrant environs. With great enthusiasm, we celebrate life in Asheville through art!

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