Summer 2023

Important Note From James

We have just two Plein Air outings scheduled but if the weather cooperates and there’s sufficient interest we might add one or two.
As it is, our next two scheduled paint outs are this Thursday November 9 at the UNCA Botanical Gardens and Tuesday November 14th at the Bailey Mountain Preserve just outside of Mars Hill.
Our attendance has been less than expected these past few gatherings so I really hope folks come out and join us as the wind down the season!

Starting in December we will move indoors, gathering every other Tuesday indoor sketching. We’ll use some of the same spots we gathered at last year as well as a few new ones I’ve stumbled across. We’ll also combine forces with the Urban Sketchers of Asheville group as often as we can. This will allow for some Saturday sketch outs.

I still plan to put together a survey for the group, which will help me determine the direction the Asheville Plein Air Painters takes for next year. As some of you know my downstairs, including my office, is being renovated. It’s been hard to find “quiet time” on my computer but I haven’t forgotten about the survey, for which I hope to get a strong response.
I look forward to seeing lots of folks this Thursday at UNCA ! Be safe and keep painting.


Welcome to Fall in the Mountains


James Cassara November 2022 – Well Bred Bakery in Biltmore Village

November is starting with a bang … cold and crisp! We’re heading indoors again, though weather permitting we’ll still have a few outdoor venues!

Some outdoor paint-outs, weather permitting, are UNCA Botanical Gardens & Barns at Bailey Mountain, Mars Hill. But do keep any eye on this page, calendar or Facebook, just in case there is a change. Join the group for some late year gatherings, even if it’s a hot cup of coffee at a nice warm cafe! Happy painting!

Special Word from James …

UNCA Botanical Gardens – November 9, 2023

A lovely turnout yesterday at the UNCA Botanical Gardens. Just a glorious day to paint.

As requested, here’s the online gallery of paintings done at the NC Arboretum Azalea Festival. What a great event that was!…/art-gallery-asheville…/

Pastel artists, and we have several among us, are encouraged to check out the NC Pastel Society at They’re looking to expand their numbers in our area and I am sure many of you would be welcomed!
Likewise with the newly formed Urban Sketchers of Asheville group. I’ve twice gathered with them and they’re a fine group of folks. Check out their Facebook page at

If you receive our emails but haven’t yet joined us, NOW IS THE TIME! Don’t be timid!
…. As one first timer said “thanks to everyone for being so welcoming. It was wonderful to spend time doing what we love.” I couldn’t agree more!

Welcome to all new members & be sure to contact James at if you want to be put on the mailing list and join the group!

Do check out the sidebar here, the Calendar or Facebook for more information.

Happy Painting!


Past Painting Picks for November

Some are sites that we will revisit this fall. Check out the gallery page for more paint-outs images from the past!

Some changes from previous years:

 Outdoor paint outs will commence in early April with specific sites to be announced. The schedule will shift, with our

FIRST AND THIRD paint outs of the month on Tuesday, and
SECOND and FOURTH paint outs on Thursday.
• If a month has a FIFTH week, those paint outs will be on Saturday.

These changes are to accommodate those who cannot make a specific day of the week, or work a M-F schedule.

I understand these changes seem radical and will require some adjusting but, after meeting with former APAP director Sue Dolamore and stalwart member Sandy Moore, I truly feel they’re for the best. I left our meeting feeling optimistic and excited about the future of our group. (James Cassara)


A Final Word From James:

In addition to our website and Facebook page I will be sending out weekly reminders 3 or 4 days prior to each paint out. If you wish to receive these reminders you must email me (James) at to be added to the list. Please don’t assume because you’ve been a member of the group you’ll automatically be added. In this regard we’re beginning from scratch.

email List:

Since this list is newly built that means everyone who has signed up wants to be included at some point. If you would like to be added, please email James Cassara at 

If you want to share your paintings for the event day, post them on the Facebook site or send them to Rosemarie and we’ll add them to our galleries for each paint-out. We also have a general gallery for each month which you can share something you’ve done during the month.

Also note: If the weather looks very bad we will post to the Facebook page and our website that a paint out has been cancelled. Always check those places the morning of the event to be sure. If the weather is “iffy” it’s left up to your discretion whether or not to go.

Even though Covid is fading (for good we all hope) there are those who still are taking precautions. Be respectful. Carpool if you can, but abiding by requests for masking, etc. and do help with cost of gas – as James says “It’s the kind thing to do!”

If you want to be added to the mailing list, please send James Cassara a request at

I look forward to a great 2023 season of the Asheville Plein Air Painters.
Thank you and happy painting!

Next Event! 

November 23 (Thursday) Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving

We will not be gathering the following week during the Thanksgiving Holiday. Take that time to be with friends and family, or enjoy the solitude of a quiet day while you reflect on the things you are grateful for.

On the subject of gratitude, my thanks to everyone who came out and painted, be it just once or twice or every week. We had 34 paint outs this season, a fact of which I am very proud! As the next year beckons I, with your input, will make plans to further increase the visibility and collective energy of the group.
See you in December!

Planning ahead

After the break we’ll be moving indoors, with twice a month sketch sessions (Tuesdays) at coffee shops, bakeries, and other spots in and around town. I’ll be working on that schedule in the next few days.

Remember to always check the Facebook page, our website, and the weekly Mailchimp for changes. I’ve done my best to create a tentative schedule for the entire year but things do come up, and changes do have to be made.

Planning way ahead …

The North Carolina Arboretum is eager to again have the Asheville Plein Air Painters partner with them for the Azalea Festival. This year’s event was a HUGE hit. So mark those calendars for April 27, 2024. This year they’d also like to host an in-house exhibit of work produced for the festival. It’s going to be great!

Final Note:

If you love to sketch (and who among us doesn’t need more practice?) be sure to check out our “sister” group, The Urban Sketchers Asheville. Their Facebook page can be found at

Thanks and happy Painting, James

Upcoming Events!

Schedule for upcoming year – which may be subject to change. For information as the event approaches, keep checking back here, the calendar or Facebook. If we have a rain out we’ll do a Cafe Sketch instead. James is also co-coordinating with Preserving a Picturesque America PAPA to schedule our venues with theirs.

The information will also be posted on our website ( and our Facebook page.   If you are on the mailing list, you will also receive a weekly email. If not contact James at: and he’ll happy add you to the list!

Where We’ve been in 2023

Check the Galleries to see past locations of our paint-outs!