Winter 2021

Challenges of 2020

This year has been quite a test for Asheville Plein Air Painters! We started by changing how we organized our group, taking the burden off of the shoulders of Sue Dolamore. Instead we asked for volunteer hosts to organize the paint-outs (which when we resumed our weekly adventures, turned out great)! Then we also had to contend with a world more or less turned on it’s head and figuring out the best way to still be able to get out and paint with a group was a real Challenge.

Now that winter is upon us we’ve decided that continuing as we did in the past is not in the best interest of the group, so we will not do our usual indoor gatherings. Instead we’re asking that if anyone wants to try and put together an outdoor Plein Air event during a nice patch in the weather, do let us know and we will promote it here, on the calendar and on Facebook. Also if you want to call out to the group through Facebook for  “it’s a beautiful today – want to join me in at (some interesting outdoor spot)” don’t hesitate, there are some “very” dedicated members! Check out November Gallery below!

A big thank you to everyone who volunteered to host a paint-out during the 2020 season James Cassara, Hyn Patty, Kathleen Forrest, Sandra Moore,  Anne Marie Brown, Kimberlee Kepper, Don Osterberg, Cindy Shaw & Lynn Starun. Even those who did not join in the outings, appreciated seeing the work that was done. Finally, to those that could not join the group’s paint-outs, we are so glad that you have shared the wonderful work you produced during this stressful year.

Note: The painting tips that Ed Morris has shared with us over this past year can now be accessed under resources.


See what our members have been up too in November …. Keep the them coming and well check out December paintings next month! Enjoy!